Tyler George, Director, EMT-IV
Avy RDT, Avy Pro SAR, Swiftwater Tech,
Rope Rescue Tech PCP

Tyler worked as an EMT for Silverton EMS for 4 years before stepping in to the Director position in 2021. Tyler was born and raised in Silverton, with a unique knowledge of the San Juans, and has a BA in Business Administration in addition to his practical business management experience. From childhood, Tyler spent many years at the St. Paul Ski Lodge learning from some of the best search and rescue personnel and avalanche experts in the nation. Director George is dedicated to continuing Director Holland's work, striving for excellence in austere pre-hospital medicine and rescue, and giving the residents of San Juan County an Ambulance & Rescue Service they are proud of and can rely on.

Ian Ellis, Paramedic

Ian has called the San Juan mountains home for the past ten years, focusing on skiing and climbing objectives around the range. Pre-hospital patient care in the mountainous environment is Ian’s passion and he has worked extensively with Telluride Ski Patrol and Silverton Ambulance. Ian is currently the Search and Rescue Training Coordinator and a full-time Paramedic with Silverton Ambulance Association. You can find Ian around Ouray climbing choss or pushing his mountain bike up some punishing trail with his dog, Ziggy. “I truly love teaching medicine and search and rescue tactics in austere settings. The dynamic environment requires me to be sharp and as focused as possible in order to provide optimal care for my patients."

Kelly Weakley, Paramedic

Kelly Weakley is a paramedic who has a passion for the outdoors and adventure. When she's not responding to emergency calls, she can often be found climbing mountains or shredding the slopes on her snowboard. Kelly is also a devoted dog owner, with two furry companions named Oakley and T'challa who love to join her on her outdoor excursions. Her love for the outdoors led her to pursue a degree in outdoor recreation from Ohio University, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience in the field. Which is helpful for the interesting calls and adventures that take place in Silverton. Kelly's dedication to her work and her hobbies make her a well-rounded and inspiring individual. 

Luke Anderson, EMT-IV

Luke resides in the Four Corners region and works in Silverton, Colorado. When he's not responding to emergency calls, Luke can explore the nearby mountains skiing in the winter or biking in the summer. Luke grew up in Ketchum, ID, and spends much of his free time tackling challenging trails and taking in the stunning scenery similar to his hometown. Luke's love for the outdoors has not only helped him stay engaged in the community but has opened up the opportunity to work for Adaptive Sports in the winter. Luke believes the best times are spent outside in wild places and will go just about anywhere so long as his four-legged friend tags along. Luke marks his commute with audiobooks and MeatEater Trivia, despite his parent’s veganism. 

Emma Schaffrick, EMT-IV

Emma has called the San Juan mountains home for the past eleven years.  She completed her EMT schooling in Jan 2022, and began volunteering with Silverton Ambulance that spring.  Emma started working full time with the organization in August of 2023.  Emma came to Silverton from VT after graduating with a Outdoor Recreation and Wilderness Leadership degree. With an interest in Search and Rescue, and wide range of outdoor experiences and knowledge, she is happy to share her skills to help others in the community.  You can typically find her mountain biking, paddleboarding, snowboarding and snowmobiling or simply relaxing at home with her husband and pups. 

Sophie Fearon, EMT

Originally from Sammamish, Washington, Sophie started as a volunteer with Search and Rescue in 2020. She completed her EMT through SJCAA in 2022 and came on full time (winters only) in 2023. Sophie joined Search and Rescue and EMS as a way to give back to this community that has given her so much, and as a way to learn new skills to aid her personal outdoor pursuits. Her favorite part of working for Silverton Medical Rescue is getting the chance to learn from our incredibly talented crew. 

Ben Stone, Paramedic

Ben is a medic for Montrose Careflight and is a valuable resource to our team, despite his humble avoidance to brag about himself!

Ryan Copenhagen, Paramedic

Ryan's career in EMS started in 2009 when he became and EMT-Basic and joined Ski Patrol at Mammoth Mountain.  He moved to Silverton in 2013 to take a job as patrol and guide at Silverton Mountain, and started volunteering at the ambulance.  Inspired by the paramedics he worked with, he decided to take the next step and complete paramedic school in the Spring of 2018.  When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with family, skiing and kayaking close to home, as well as fly fishing with his daughters, Ruby and Opal.

Nancy Stanley, EMT-IV

Nancy began her career in EMS as a volunteer with Silverton Ambulance in 2022 and started working full-time in 2024. Prior to her career in EMS, Nancy studied Ethics & Politics at Bard College Berlin and lived internationally. Nancy has completed training courses in Avalanche Rescue and Technical Rope Rescue. In her free time she sells art, entertains the team, and enjoys ultrarunning.

Melissa Flynn, EMT-IV

Melissa began her career in EMS as a volunteer EMT with Silverton Ambulance in 2020 and started working full time with the organization in January of 2022. She volunteered with Aspen Mountain Rescue for two years, prior to moving to southwest Colorado, and is currently in nursing school to expand her medical knowledge to better serve the community. Growing up in Kentucky did not prepare her for the big mountains out west, but after spending 8 years in Colorado, she has fallen in love with rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, and split boarding. Although she has a lot on her plate, working full-time and being a full-time student, she still manages to get outside often and enjoy the San Juan playground. You can typically find her chillin' in her van, pedaling on the high country trails, dancing on the rocks, strolling on the ridges, sleeping under the stars, or laughing out loud at her own jokes!

Cameron Crowell, EMT-IV

Cameron began his career in EMS as a volunteer with Silverton Ambulance in 2017 and started working full-time as a EMT in January of 2020. Prior to his career in EMS, Cameron studied Sociology at the University of Oregon before becoming a certified Behavioral Life Coach, working individually with college students. Growing up in Bend, Oregon, Cameron has always had a passion for outdoor recreation which led to his relocation to Silverton where he enjoys skiing and running. Cameron has completed training courses in Avalanche Rescue and Technical Rope Rescue. 

Kimmet Holland, Paramedic, Former Director (from 2013-2021)
High/Low Angle Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Confined Space and Trench Rescue and Avalanche Rescue

Kimmet has an extensive 35 year EMS/Rescue/Fire background; he started his EMS, Fire and SAR careers in the Albuquerque area in 1982. He volunteered with Bernalillo County Fire Deptartment and Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council, worked as a paramedic at Albuquerque Ambulance, and was the field supervisor until leaving in 1998 as an Operations Supervisor. During this time he also worked part-time as a Flight Paramedic and for the Town of Bernalillo EMS. Kimmet started his fire career in 1998 with Santa Fe County Fire Department as he worked his way up the ranks from Paramedic/FF, Lieutenant, and retired in 2012 after 8 years as Assistant Chief of Operations and Training. During this time he was the Chair of Santa Fe Community College EMS program’s advisory committee and the Director of Santa Fe County Fire Department’s Academy.  Kimmet also worked part-time as a ski patroller for Santa Fe Ski Area. In the past he has been an AHA ACLS, BLS and PALS instructor as well as a PHTLS instructor. Kimmet was the Director of Silverton EMS, Member of San Juan County Mountain Rescue and was on the Board of Directors for Silverton Avalanche School. Kimmet continues to enjoy skiing, climbing, mountain and road biking, backpacking and rafting… to name a few.

Leo Lloyd III (1961-2022), Flight RN, Paramedic
Avalanche Pro Instructor, Swift-Water Tech, TRRT Instructor

Leo was an avid athlete, backcountry explorer and all-around outdoorsman. He hiked, ran, biked, rock-climbed, ice-climbed, and never did anything halfway. For 42 years, he worked alongside, taught, and mentored people in the San Juan Medical and SAR communities. Leo worked hard to hone his craft as a flight nurse and medic, lead instructor for the internationally renown group Rigging for Rescue, educator and training officer for both Silverton Medical and Durango Fire, and most-prominently as an advocate for Search and Rescue Services across the state of Colorado. Leo left behind three sons, a wife, and a rescue community that will be indebted to him for as long as we hike these mountains.